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Anonymous asked:
there's definitely gonna be an english version somewhere in the world, seeing as the actors are speaking in english

of course, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to air it in english. i hope they at least put it on netflix or something, if they’re not gonna air it on a tv channel.

apure-world asked:
Hi! :) Season 2 will start on September 4th on Sat1. Which is a German channel. Which means those episodes, sadly, will be dubbed in German. I haven't found a date yet for an english version. But I'm dyingggg for it to start soon. I need the english ones so bad =[

thanks for the info!!

i really hope we get english versions too. :(


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Anonymous asked:
Have you read about season 2 starts in September 4th ? I read some people saying, but I'm not sure .

i havent! i know the first 2 episodes are out in french??

i saw some people in the tag saying that nbc won’t be showing season 2 at all. :/ if anyone knows anything, please chime in!

Anonymous asked:
When does season 2 begin? :)

i’m not sure, there’s been no official release date that i’m aware of.

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